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CONTRELEC is a team of experienced electrical engineers with over 20 years experience in electrical design, manufacturing and commissioning with particular expertise with Ross Hill and Hill Graham Controls SCR systems. We supply spare parts, repair, test and calibrate AC and DC control modules and PCBs used on Ross Hill and Hill Graham Controls SCR Systems.

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We design, deliver and support electrical engineering projects, from simple machine controls to large scale production and process line systems. Our key skills include:

AC Modules

AC and DC Control Modules Modification, Calibration and Repair

We calibrate and repair Hill Graham and Ross Hill type AC and DC Control Modules. We provide spare parts and incorporate many of the internal modifications which are a feature of many Hill Graham Controls systems. Our unique simulators feature variable frequency and voltage supplies for a more realistic testing environment.
AutoSync (ACII) Module Testing

AutoSync (ACII) Module Calibration and Repair

We use our standard AC Simulator with an adapter interface to conduct a comprehensive set of tests and calibrations to return your AutoSync Modules to full health. We simulate and verify the operation of all trip and alarm functions, speed and voltage regulation, and KW and KVAR load sharing. the built-in synchronising and exciter circuits are also thoroughly proved.

Field Regulator FR Module Testing

Field Regulator Module Calibration and Repair

Our unique Field Regulator Simulator allows us to quickly, comprehensively and accurately test Hill Graham Field Regulator Modules. The module was produced in two basic configurations: Single Field for applications such as Rotary table, Top Drive or single motor Mud Pumps or Drawworks, and Dual Field for dual motor Mud Pumps and Drawworks.

Hill Graham and Ross Hill PCBs

Hill Graham and Ross Hill Printed Circuit Boards

Contrelec offer competitive pricing and fast delivery on many Hill Graham Controls printed circuit boards (PCBs). We are able to engineer solutions to replacing obsolete parts with modern substitutes and ensure the upgrade meets the technical requirements.
AF Module Repairs

AF Module Repairs

We repair Hill Graham Controls AF Modules and can prolong the service life of Hill Graham AF Drives by replacing the Message Display CPU with a modern embedded controller, or replacing the front panel LCD meters.

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