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AF Module LCD Meter Replacement

Around 1984 Hill Graham Controls developed a variable speed AC drive based on the modified current source model. These drives were aimed at the high-power end of the market, reaching up to 8MW in output power.

AF Module

Hill Graham Controls AF Module (c. 1990)

The AF Module was designed so that all the drive front of panel controls would be fitted to the module, including metering, to reduce panel build costs.

The original meters were an innovative design using a segmented LCD display with digital readout in a very low profile format. Unfortunately these meters were prone to unreliability and became too expensive to manufacture, ultimately becoming obsolete.

Replacement CPU

LCD Meter Replacement

CONTRELEC have engineered a solution which replaces these meters with modern, 3 1/2 digit versions.

A significant advantage is that the digital display represents exact values rather than the observer having to mentally apply a multiplier to the displayed value as was the case with the old style meters which were limited to (3 digits and no decimal point).

Replacing the meters, together with CONTRELEC's Message Display CPU Replacement Solution, can help prolong the service life of the drive.

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