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Jack-Up SCR Replacement

A complete SCR line-up replacement designed and engineered by Contrelec

Jack-Up Drilling Rig

The challenge was to design 11 1600A DC drive (SCR) sections into a limited space. The cubicles were to be based on the CUBIC modular system of panel building components to match the AC switchboard which was to be engineered by another supplier. The drive cubicles were to be equipped with a 60A DC regulated field supply and digital control system.

At only 600mm wide and 1200mm deep there was a severe space restriction. Ensuring adequate cooling would be at the heart of the design. The 6000A busbars and incoming circuit breaker occupied the lower third of the cubicles. The field supply transformer and AC line reactor were placed in the rear, with the main 1600A DC power module located in the front section. The entire design would be novel and, with a tight delivery schedule, prototyping was not an option.

Using AutoCAD 3D Contrelec precisely modelled the SCR line-up to ensure accurate positioning and future maintainability. The copperwork inside the cubicles was particularly difficult to engineer in such a way that key components could be access, inspected and replaced in such a limited space. A further consideration was to ensure that airways were free and clear, since the most immediate problem with compact designs is the possibility of hot pockets where cooling air does not reach. These issues were resolved in a highly satisfactory way, which ensured that installation and commissioning proceeded in a timely fashion with no unforeseen issues with the power components.

Rear and Side Views

Complete Line-Up

AutoCAD Isometric Views

AutoCAD 3D Views

Pair of 1600A DC Drives

Standard CUBIC Panels