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Land Rig PCR

In 2012 Contrelec completed the Electrical and Mechanical design of a land rig drilling SCR system.

Typical Land Rig

The system was part of a rig upgrade and consisted of the following:

  • 6 off SCR drives, 2300ADC rated (3 Mud Pumps, 3 Drawworks, Rotary Table). The SCRs are assignable via DC contactors and cooled by dual fans.
  • 4 off 2500KVA generator sections
  • 480V Transformer and MCC
  • 480V Emergency Generator
  • 220V Distribution
  • Drillers Console and Foot Throttle
  • Mud Pump Console
  • Baylor Brake

The equipment was installed in a 14m container which consisted of an insulated, air conditioned section for the main switchboards, and an enclosed transformer porch.

Unusually for a land rig, this project did not require plug-and-socket connections because it was destined for a fixed, but mobile, installation. However all the power connections were routed to convenient locations and penetrations in the enclosure made to facilitate connection via gland plates, with access plates also provided to facilitate termination.

The entire system weighed approximately 30 tonnes and was transported by road to its final destination.

Inside the PCR

Ready for Transport

Drillers Console

Main 600V Switchboard with SCR and Generator Sections

480V MCC and Incomer/Emergency Generator Sections