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SCR Training House

A unique, full-size SCR training simulator for rig electricians and mechanics

Loading for Transport

The requirement was for a complete, full-size training simulator in a container. The simulator was to be used in conjunction with classroom training and provide a rich training experience for rig electricians and mechanics. The unit was to be located adjacent to a classroom building in a training compound in Algeria, but would have a limited power source and not be connected to real motors or generators.

The equipment consisted of 2 SCr sections and 2 generator sections, with a small MCC, drillers console and foot throttle all located in an insulated, air-conditioned container. Also included was a PC running the simulation program under Windows XP operating system with I/O to interface to the power equipment. Outside the air-conditioned section were some load resistors, transformer and two M-G sets. Genuine, fully-rated components were used in the construction of the simulator components.

In order to simulate the starting, synchronising and load sharing of the generators an interface was designed so that each of the generator regulator modules could control an inverter drive, which provided variable speed control to an M-G set. The simulation program was designed to simulate all aspects of KW and KVAR load sharing between the two generator sets when they were synchronised.

The DC Motor loading was achieved by using load resistors and more analogue interface circuitry, which was also controlled by the simulator program.

The simulator program, as well as providing aspects of the actual simulation, also allowed the trainer to introduce 'faults' on to the system directly, or by means of a pre-prepared script. A script allows the trainer to program fault sequences and provide real-life descriptions of the fault. The program then monitors the response of the trainees, and provides a detailed performance report.

In addition to the SCR system components a separate, self-contained, PLC training station was designed and built for hands-on Allen-Bradley PLC training.

Contrelec contributed all but the mechanical engineering design to this project, i.e. the conceptual, electrical and programming design.

Inside the PCR

Drillers Console

Simulator Software Screen Shot

Simulator Software Screen Shot

Porch Mounted Components