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FutureNet DASH was a schematic capture program written for IBM DOS PCs released in the early 1980s.

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DASH Running on DOSBox/Windows 7
DASH Running on DOSBox/Windows 7

It was an extremely expensive package - over $5000 at the time - and was written in assembler. After passing through various hands the software was released as version 6.10 in a de-restricted version, and we have made it available here as a download.

You will need a DOS-based machine to run it, although we found it works on DOSBox quite well. One thing you will notice is how small a screen of 800 x 600 looks, which is what DASH used to work in, but DOSBox allows you to enlarge the screen size.

Refer to the DOSBox web site and help pages for more information.

DASHCON Displaying Same File
DASHCON Displaying Same File

File Viewer and Converter

We have made a simple Windows program which can be used to view DASH .DWG format files. It will also save drawings as PNG images or PDF files.

This software is offered as-is, with no guarantees or support, but it has been tested on Windows 10, Windows 7 and XP machines and will require .Net 3.5 or greater. Let us know if it works for you.

File Downloads

Click here to download the following:

FutureNet DASH Programs

Load on to your DOSBox and type FN to run the DASH program. Type 'help' in the program to get help with the commands.

DOSBox Website

Refer to the DOXBox documentation for help and instructions


Download ZIP, save contents to a folder, then click setup.exe to install

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