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Protective Device Co-ordination

Using sophisticated software CONTRELEC is able to provide comprehensive protective device co-ordination system analysis for single and three-phase low voltage systems

Our software produces time versus current coordination drawings with one-line diagrams and setting reports, and can be used on any electrical power system including utility, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and process systems. Devices may be plotted at any voltage, current of application frequency.

Our comprehensive library of protective devices allows us to dynamically alter the settings of each device on-screen to ensure accurate and reliable protective co-ordination between electronic and thermal devices.

A complete schedule of device settings is generated automatically, which makes the setting of complex relays and electronic protective devices a relatively simple task.

The benefits are:

  1. Design safer power systems by quickly and easily evaluating all devices for proper short circuit levels, and application within acceptable voltage ratings.
  2. Save time with automatic TCC (Time-Current Co-ordination) drawing and associated one-line creation from the main one-line diagram.
  3. Eliminate errors by keeping all input data, one-line diagrams, TCCs and study results in a single project database.
  4. Communicate designs effectively with high quality graphical output and custom formats.

For existing installations CONTRELEC can undertake a complete site survey and ensure the equipment is properly co-ordinated and protected in line with local utility and regulatory requirements.