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Generator Exciter Panel Upgrades

Upgrade your old-style Generator Exciter Panels with a Contrelec Upgrade Kit

Early Ross Hill and Hill Graham SCR systems were shipped with a generator control section containing a panel with all the Exciter power components panel-mounted. This makes replacement of faulty parts awkward and time consuming. Later models shipped with all these components conveniently mounted on a single PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This improves reliability, removes the need for fault-finding down to component level, and speeds up maintenance and repairs

The kit consists of the following:

  • Detailed fitting and wiring instructions, including marked-up schematics and wirelists
  • Step-by-step installation instructions
  • Testing and re-commissioning procedure
  • A set of Generator Exciter PCBs plus one spare
  • Wire, wire numbers, cable ties, crimps, fasteners, spacers, etc to complete the installation

The upgrades can be completed all at once or one generator section at a time by your technicians in a timescale to suit you. If you require expert assistance from an engineer this can be provided, but is not normally required.

Exciter Panel Upgrade

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