Comprehensive Health Check Program

Comprehensive health check program for Ross Hill and Hill Graham AC Modules and DC Modules
A planned rotation of swap-out, testing, repair and recalibration ensures that all a rigs modules are ready for service when required. The program ensures that the rig is NEVER WITHOUT A WORKING SPARE, and can be completed in a timescale which suits rig operations. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Confirm Specifications

Simply a case of checking that the module specs are correct for the rig, and can be completed by the rig electrician. This is then compared to our database and any anomalies are resolved.

Step 2: Order Second Spares

Spare AC and DC modules are ordered, calibrated (and modified if required). These are sent to the rig to serve as the standby spare. This means that the existing spares can be returned for health checking without fear of putting the rig at risk.

Step 3: Spare Rotation

Once the spare modules have been checked over and repaired or recalibrated as required these are returned to the rig where they can either be swapped out with modules in service or set aside until it is convenient to do so. Once swapped out, the service modules are returned for checking and the rotation repeats until all modules have been checked and verified.

At no time is the rig left without a serviceable and reliable spare.
AC Module Health Check
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

All rigs and fleets can benefit from the program, but is especially beneficial to:

  • Rigs and fleets where the modules have been collected from various sources - commandeered from other rigs, purchased from different suppliers, or just sent to the wrong rig
  • It is for rigs which simply can not afford the risk of losing a generator for want of a working spare
  • Rigs where constant, recurring module failures are continually hampering operations.

How long does it take?

The initial rotation for a single rig can be completed within a timescale of your own choosing or to suit drilling operations. Like a course of antibiotics, once started it should be completed, and we recommend completing the first rotation within 12-24 months

From the initiation of the program and having confirmed the specifications for the modules, the second spares will be available within 4 weeks (subject to any modifications which may be required) and the first cycle can commence. Following that, we will return the tested and verified modules to the rig within 2 weeks from receipt.

If the program is delayed due to operations, and changes in rig personnel, there is a possibility that the status of the modules could be lost. In order to combat this we have devised clear labelling and control procedures to ensure this can not happen.

Do I have to buy second spares for ALL my rigs?

Not necessarily.

It rather depends on how compatible the rigs in your fleet are, but modules can be re-calibrated to be used on other rigs. This means that once a rotation has been completed on the first rig the second spares can then be recalibrated and sent to the next rig to begin the process there.. Of course, this means that only one rig at a time can be in process.

How much does it cost?

Much less than down-time caused by idle equipment!

We are able to offer fleet discounts, and the overall price depends on the number and age of the rigs, and the number of generators and SCRs on each rig. CLICK HERE to download a simple-to-complete Request for Quotation form.

What Do I Do Next?

Download our simple questionnaire by clicking on the link below, complete it, then return to us. This is an electronic PDF form which can be downloaded and filled in on a computer or table, then sent to us electronically, or you can print out a paper version and send us a scanned copy to This will give us all the information we need to prepare a program quote.

Important Notice

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