Hill Graham Controls SCR System PCBs

With over 30 years experience in designing, modifying, troubleshooting and repairing Ross Hill and Hill Graham type SCR Systems for drilling rigs, CONTRELEC are uniquely positioned to be able to offer advice, source and supply replacement PCBs.

Hill Graham Control PCBs

Hill Graham Controls used many of the same printed circuit boards that Ross Hill used in the USA. However there were some which were modified, and others which were unique to Hill Graham systems. We are able to identify and supply replacements for both. Examples:

AC and DC Modules

Hill Graham Controls in the UK frequently took a standard Ross Hill Controls module and added extra or enhanced functionality by installing additional circuit boards. Some of these upgrades were adopted by Ross Hill as standard: for example, the Speed Feedback Switch for improved engine stability in the AC Module.

CONTRELEC are able to provide spares and replacements by the same process thereby ensuring 100% compatibility and interchangeability of your new module with the existing set.

In particular we can source functional replacements for parts which have become obsolete, too expensive, or superceded by superior models.

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