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Maintenance and Support

Experience in a wide range of industries means that CONTRELEC are able to provide a wide range of supplementary support for equipment manufacturers


We are able to troubleshoot machine hardware problems down to machine component level, or even circuit board component level if required. Our expertise with Allen-Bradley, Omron and Siemens PLCs means we can investigate PLC control problems and either rectify on-site, or implement a design change order from your engineers.


Your company's technical resources are stretched to the limit when you have a major machine installation under way. At Contrelec, we can support you in the commissioning, or provide technical cover for your other clients.

Inspection and Site Surveys

Our location in the South East of England makes us an ideal choice to visit your client's site to ensure that facilities are suitable and available for a machine installation, which keeps your engineers and technicians free to concentrate on work in progress.

Training and Manuals

Customer training is an obligation most engineers often undertake with great reluctance and little commitment. Designers of products are usually a poor choice to provide training or write manuals because their understanding of the product is implicit. We can run a training course either on-site or in the classroom using your prepared material, or even devise a training program from scratch. Similarly, our technical manuals are written from a fresh viewpoint.

Vacation Cover

Inevitably, your engineers will want to take a vacation (you do let them take vacations, don't you?). We can provide technical cover during these periods to help you fulfill your contractual obligations.

Planned Maintenance

It's a fact of life that most industries shut down their factories during holiday periods to perform planned maintenance. Apart from the problem of being able to make people available during the holiday period, the fact that they all shut down at the same time can be a real headache. Discuss your PM commitments with us and see how we can help out.