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Operating and Maintenance Manuals

CONTRELEC create manuals, test procedures and risk assessments from electrical and mechanical schematics

We can create a professional, well-written manuals from your schematics and drawings. Many technical and engineering-based companies make the mistake of having engineers write their manuals. This is a mistake - the engineer understands the product well, and often overlooks the obvious. And there aren't many engineers who enjoy writing! We bring a fresh and enthusiastic set of eyes to the project, and our in-depth technical experience means that we are rapidly able to gain an understanding of the underlying principles, and construct a manual from the thinnest of briefs which covers safety aspects as well as operating and maintenance issues.

Test Procedures

Using our experience of commissioning and testing equipment, we can construct logical and methodical test procedures for your equipment. Derived from drawings and schematics, our test procedures consider safety issues as well as verification of operation and recording of vital data. you may be required to submit a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to a customer for approval. A well written, well presented procedure helps present a more professional image of your company to the customer, and can help ease this phase of the process.

Commissioning Procedures

The requirement for a commissioning procedure is quite different from a test procedure, which is a mistake many engineers make. The commissioning procedure should deal with safety, installation, implementation and customer acceptance concerns rather than product testing.Risk analysis may also form part of the requirement, and may even be required by law.

Electronic Formats

We can provide manuals in printed as well as electronic formats. A typical PDF manual will be fully indexed and bookmarked, and include a table of contents if required. We can also generate Windows help files or HTML pages for posting on the Internet.

Example Documents

Here are some example documents: