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Fault Level and Short Circuit Calculations

Using sophisticated modelling software CONTRELEC is able to provide comprehensive short-circuit analysis for single and three-phase low voltage systems

Working to ANSI (C37) and IEC standards (IEC 60909 or 61363), our software also provides load flow and voltage drop calculations, impact motor starting, traditional fault analysis, demand and design load analysis, feeder, raceway and transformer sizing, and panel, MCC, and switchboard schedule specification.



The comprehensive Fault Analysis program provides a network solution of three-phase, single-line to ground, line-to line, and double line to ground fault currents; RMS momentary fault currents; asymmetrical fault duties at three, five, and eight cycles; the positive, negative, and zero sequence impedance values between each fault location, and contributions from utilities, generators, and motors.

At each fault location, the direction, X/R, and magnitude of fault currents are reported, thus providing a clear view of the conditions that exist during the fault.