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Switchboard and Electrical Panel Design

CONTRELEC engineer and design LV and SCR switchboards up to 600V/6000A , large or small Unit Control Panels, MCCs and Control Consoles.

CONTRELEC offers a complete electrical switchboard design service. We use AutoCAD with Electrical extensions to produce accurate 3D mechanical models and electrical schematics to recognised international standards. Our rates are very competetive, and our turnaround fast. We use our own, bespoke production aid tools, such as our unique Wirelister Program which can produce accurate wirelists (which in themselves are AutoCAD drawings) that panel wiremen find easy to understand, and consequently rapidly reduce production time. We can create your own unique drawing template, or adapt your own to suit our development environment.

We can handle any size of project - form a single page schematic - to multiple location installations, new build or modifications. We have special experience in taking very old schematics, understanding them, and applying upgrades without our customers having to incur the cost of a total redraw.

Mechanical Design

Using AutoCAD's 3D modelling capabilities we are able to model any switchboard, enclosure and busbar design and from that produce accurate two-dimensional detail drawings for manufacture. This ensures accurate fitting and construction and speeds up production time. Our scope includes simple, wall-mounted starter control panels to large containerised switchboards. No job is too large or small. 


AutoCAD Software Application Development

Using AutoCAD as a a drafting tool is and effective, cost-saving measure. The drawings that AutoCAD generates are really a design database, and real productivity savings are made when that design data is manipulated and applied to generate additional output which aids the manufacturing process. Typically applications include:

  • wirelists which wiremen understand (rather than simple wire-to/from lists) and reduses manufacturing costs by speeding up production
  • automatic generation of internal and external panel label drawings
  • bill of materials lists in a usable format which can integrate with other systems

While AutoCAD Electrical does a reasonable job of generating some of these outputs, the format is simple and often needs further manual manipulation to get into a usable format. We have a unique combination of skills and expertise which allows us to develop software which interacts with, and automatically generate, AutoCAD drawings and other file formats which integrate with other applications, such as MRP, stock control, ordering and quoting systems.

AutoCAD Electrical Project and Wirelister Program